Using electrical tape for smaller tasks

Electrical tape, while often a “quick fix” component of minor home maintenance, comes with several dos, don’ts and applications in order to make the best use of this toolbox kit essential. This home and general repair material can be used to insulate, protect and repair many things from water pipes in winter time, to patching up minor electrical cord damage.

To get the most effective use out of electrical tape, ensure that it ‘conforms’ to the contours of the object it is used on. This is easily done by stretching the tape as you wrap it around the object such as an electrical cord; offering better insulation protection. Another way to best protect the tape and at the same time make sure of greater insulation contact when using electrical tape is to use clear coat enamel or another dielectric spray on sensitive connections. It is important to ensure that the electricity power is off first before spraying the taped area. Only once the sprayed area is dry then electricity can be restored.

The popularity of using electrical tape can be put down to its strength, long lifespan, durability and its qualities to resist certain corrosive acids. While the strength of tape, makes this product effective and convenient, tearing tape off the roll by hand is discouraged which results in permanent stretching around the break area. The use of a knife or pair of scissors works best. A myriad of other safe miscellaneous uses of tape can be explored. Holding bandages in place to marking an actor’s position on stage to recall stage positions to sport persons taping shin guards to stop them from slipping to labelling boxes. Some have even included in the use of tape – decorative purposes.

The versatility of tape has matched it to a multitude of tasks, and it has evolved with various types of tape suited to a number of industrial and household applications. Nevertheless, improper use of electrical tape may result in damage and when it comes to home use, electrical tape should be considered for minor repairs only. For extensive damage, professional consultation is needed.

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