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Arndt tools supplier Johannesburg

Fastflex is a supplier of Ardnt tools in Johannesburg, Alberton. These products include hex keys standard and ball,
torx keys, torx driver, nut drivers, t-handle hex, nut, tork drivers and screwdriver bits.


Fastflex supplies ARNDT Tools including:

Packaging Tape


  • Hex Keys Standard & Ball
  • Torx Keys and Driver
  • Nut Drivers
  • T-Handle Hex, Nut & Tork Drivers
  • Special Bits

Hex keys standard and ball

Hex keys, Allen keys or Allen wrench are available in a variety of sizes and are measured by across-flats (AF), they are grouped into short arm and long arm hex keys. Hex keys are hand held tools used for driving screws and bolts using a hexagonal socket. They are ideal for industrial and manufacturing work.

Some hex keys have ball ends, these make it easier to reach at an angle and easier to slide the wrench, these can be found on long arm hex keys. Straight hex ends are found on short arm hex keys.

Torx keys and driver

Torx keys are six-pointed or star-like tools for undoing and fastening screws and bolts. There is a variety of different shaped torx keys, l-shape, t-shape and straight torx keys.

Nut drivers

Nut drivers are hand held tools with a hexagon shaped socket design used for fastening and loosening nuts and bolts. Nut drivers are made from alloy steel and steel which is ideal for DIY, plumbing, automotive mechanics and bicycle maintenance.


Arndt Screw Driver Bits

Screwdriver bits

Screwdriver bits are tools for driving screws, there are different shanks and tips suited for different screws and applications. Screwdriver bits can be used for DIY work, repairs, assembling furniture and heavy duty bits can be used for construction work.

There are 3 different kinds of screwdriver bit styles, the first are insert bits which have short shanks and designed to clip to magnetic bit holders. The second style are power bits and longer in length which allows them to fit straight in a drill’s chuck. The last style are double ended bits which features the same or a different screwdriver bit on each end. Its design allows for it to fit into a 6.35mm hex driver chuck.

Drill Bits

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