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Rotary files or burrs are one of the many high quality products made by PFERD. Burrs come in a variety of shapes and sizes for various applications - mostly to remove or shape different types of materials. There are a large variety of burrs made by PFERD products, they can be cylindrical, tapered, tree shaped, ball shaped, oval and more. The tips of burrs also differ from one to another.

Single cut burrs are generally first used on the required material, as they tend to leave an uneven surface. These burs only have one cutting edge which is evident in the grooves on the burr which run parallel to each other. In addition to this cutting edge, double cut burrs have another cutting edge at an angle to the first, in a criss-cross pattern. Double cut burrs are used after single cut burrs to create a smooth and even surface on the material.

One of the many products made by PFERD is their range of tungsten carbide burrs. Tungsten Carbide Burrs are extremely durable and can be used on a variety of robust materials with ease. PFERD also produces tungsten carbide burs that can be used on materials that do not contain iron such as aluminium. The range of tough burs made by PFERD are designed to withstand harsh the conditions associated with machining materials in steel workshops, shipyards and so forth.

For more delicate applications PFERD products manufacture a number of Tungsten Carbide Burrs for applications where accuracy is an absolute must. PFERD also has a variety of spindle extensions that are used to extend a bur from the rotary tool or grinder it is attached to. These extensions are ideal for accurate machining in hard to reach areas. If you want to keep your collection on burrs from PFERD all in one place for easy access, PFERD supplies a handy showcase where you can display your burs and have them at close hand for your next DIY project.

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One of the many products made by Pferd is their range of tungsten carbide burrs.

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