Multi-Purpose Power Tools

There are vast varieties of different tools for different jobs on the market. If you"e;re a regular handyman, you might keep sheds and shacks of tools to ensure that you"e;re equipped for any kind of project. There is nothing more frustrating than starting a project only to realise that you don"e;t have the correct tools and equipment to complete it, so you purchase all the possible power tools and equipment you might need. But the frustration continues when you start a project and spend hours looking for the tools you require to complete it among the mass clutter of equipment you already have.

Power tools are the handyman"e;s best friend. Aside from their ability to simplify previously tedious tasks quickly and effortlessly, they are a means to avoid the clutter. A single power tool can replace an entire toolbox in a compact unit. A lot of the power tools on the market are built to be versatile and have multiple purposes aside from what they were originally designed for.

Replace those infinite amounts of space-wasting, time consuming, single-purpose hand tools with a simple set of power tools.

A rotary tool is the ultimate DIY multi-purpose power tool. A wide range of attachments and accessories will enable it to do nearly any kind of task. This one tool is capable of sanding, grinding, drilling, cutting, polishing and routing most materials.

No set of tools would be complete without a portable angle grinder, because these do a lot more than grinding. Aside from the fact that they can cut through most materials you will encounter in standard projects, they have the ability to remove rust or paint and sharpening or polishing certain objects. If you intend on doing a lot of cutting, especially precision cutting, you might need to look into purchasing a relevant saw for the job.

An orbital palm sander will satisfy most of your sanding needs. It is gentle enough for smaller delicate jobs, but strong enough to handle larger jobs. A palm sander will complete previously time-consuming sanding tasks quickly and without a hassle.

A cordless drill with attachments for screw driving is an absolute must-have. It will drill holes in almost any surface and with a simple attachment swap, let you screw and unscrew any common screw effortlessly.

With these basic power tools by your side, you should have everything you need to complete nearly any task at hand without much effort or frustration.


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Replace those infinite amounts of space-wasting, time consuming, single-purpose hand tools with a simple set of power tools.

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