More Types of Tape

We all know that we simply cannot live without tape and depend on the convenience of these simple adhesive strips for many aspects of our daily lives. Apart from more commonly known and used tape such as insulation or electrical tape, “cellotape”, duct tape and masking tape to name a few, one will be happy to know there are more types of tape available – each with their own unique properties for specialised applications.

Gaffer Tape

Gaffer tape is a specialised type of tape developed exclusively for use on stage during performances or during filmmaking. The adhesive material on gaffer tape is unique in that when the tape is removed from a surface, is leaves no sticky residue behind. This specialised type of tape is generally used to keep the wires and cables needed to power electrical goods such as lights and cameras in place and secure on the floor. This is naturally to prevent any accidents during the performance or production. Gaffer tape comes in an array of colours for special markings but the tape is usually purchased in a matt black to blend in with the scenery of the production so it is not visible to the public.

Speed Tape

Speed tape is similar to the very common and well known duct tape. This type of tape is used to make small emergency repairs on an aircraft and has aluminium in the tape – making the tape resistant to corrosion, water and solvents. Speed tape is also resistant to fires or flames and able to reflect heat and UV rays making it reliable and ideal for its intended use.

Surgical Tape

A highly specialised and custom made tape is used for wound dressing or surgical applications, namely surgical or medical tape. The adhesive material used on surgical tape is specially manufactured to be hypoallergenic – which means it will generally not cause an allergic reaction on a person’s skin. Surgical tape also allows a person’s skin to breathe below it and is generally coated with zinc oxide which assists the prevention of infections and germs from entering the wound.

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These qualities of masking tape make it the preferred tape to use when painting a wall or surface.

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