Removing adhesive residue when utilising masking tape and other adhesive products

If you enjoy arts & crafts, handy work at home or simply utilising masking tape for personal projects, then you will know that sticky tapes and labels can often leave a residue on surfaces. This residue can discolour over time and even stain some surfaces, so it is important that you know how to remove it properly. Fortunately, Fastflex is here to help you with this issue, by providing tips and insight into how you can avoid and remove sticky residue from a variety of surfaces and materials, ensuring they continue to look as good as new.


Cardboard is commonly utilised in conjunction with masking tape for a variety of functions. From simple packaging fortification to personal projects, these materials work brilliantly together. The problem, however, is the residue that tape can sometimes leave. With the cardboard being so malleable and easy to damage, you can’t just use water to wash it off. Therefore, use lighter gas and drip some over the sticky area. This will start breaking down the adhesive on a molecular level, while drying up rapidly enough to not damage the cardboard.

Masking tape residue on painted walls

Painted walls are slightly more complicated and, instead of washing off, you need to heat the residue in order to get it off safely. In these situations, water and other liquids can mess up the consistency of the paint, especially if it is water-based paint. The trick to this is to use a hairdryer or hot cloth on the surface. This will warm up the adhesive, turning it soft and allowing you to gently wipe off the sticky residue.

Choose the tape that caters to your needs

Fortunately, masking tape is cleverly designed with weaker adhesives than most other tapes, with varying scales of residue. These scales of residue are measured in days, and you can purchase tape that will not leave a residue for up to 60 days. This offers fantastic convenience as you can simply plan ahead and never need to worry about tape residues. If you have forgotten to take some tape off, however, simply take note of the tips and tricks we explain in this article.

If you are need of help, advice or products in regards to masking tape, contact Fastflex today. We are experts in a wide variety of home project areas and are always happy to help you achieve the pristine results you desire.

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