Masking Tape for DIY Painting

One of the most indispensable tape products all DIY enthusiasts will agree on is masking tape as it can be used in a number of different ways in and around the home. The reason why masking tape is so popular is because it is so easy to use - you can simply tear a piece of tape from the roll without it being damaged. Another reason why this tape is so widely used is because if its ability to adhere to a number of surfaces with ease as well as the tapes ability to be easily removed without leaving any of the adhesive on the material it was fastened to.

These qualities of masking tape make it the preferred tape to use when painting a wall or surface. The tape can easily be applied to the surface which will act as a guide when painting, without one having to worry about accidently painting onto surfaces around the painted area. Not everyone has the skills to paint a straight line by hand and masking tape will easily be able to assist you to do so.

When painting a room or wall, use the tape along the ceiling and floor to surround the area that will be painted. A great idea is to use some extra tape along the floor to secure some newspaper to the floor which will prevent it from slipping under a ladder. Masking tape can also be used to corner off smaller, more intricate areas with ease because if the tapes flexible nature.

Once the paint has dried, you simply need to peel the tape off the wall to reveal a perfectly straight edge. Care should be taken to ensure the masking tape has adhered to the wall properly before applying paint, as some paint may seep under the paint leaving a scruffy edge. This is especially so with textured surfaces and a good tip is to try not to have too much paint on your paint brush or roller when painting close to the taped off area.

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These qualities of masking tape make it the preferred tape to use when painting a wall or surface.

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