Machining Safety Tips

When working with a disc sander you must ensure that you are not wearing any loose fitting clothing that can be caught in the disk sander. You must also make sure that no hair, earrings or other materials attached to your body can get caught in the moving parts of the sander.

Keep your hands away from the sander at all times. Do not let your hands touch the abrasive surface of the disk sander. Wear safety clothing when operating a disc sander. This includes goggles, a mask and leather gloves.

Check that there is adequate distance between the person operating the disc sander and other people in the work area, and that there is enough space to manoeuvre without falling over things. Make sure that the person operating the disc sander is well balanced and that there is nobody standing to the side of the machine.

Always allow the disc sander to reach maximum speed before applying it to the surface you are going to sand. Keep the disc moving when in use so that the wood you are sanding does not catch fire as a result of the heat caused by the friction of the disc sander. Do not press to hard on the disc sander as it will slow it down and this may break it or cause injury to the operator.

The area worked on must be kept to the side of the disk that is rotating upwards. In other words if your sander rotates in a clockwise direction, the side of the disk you will work on will be to the right of the axis. Always keep the surface you are working on at 90 degrees to the sander and check that your work is resting flat against the surface.

Ensure the dust collector on the disc sander is properly secured to the machine and regularly check that there is no dust build up in the machine. Always clean the disc sander and working area for dust after use.

Use the faster grinding outer edge of the disc sander for speed and the inside area that moves slower for more control. Mark the area on the surface that is going to be sanded so that you can accurately create the desired shape.

Lastly, ensure that the person operating a disc sander is in no way impaired or unfit to operate the machine.

Fastflex Information - Machine Safety Tips

Safety tips and precautions when working with Disc Sanders

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