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Tape is such an “everyday item” that many people don’t consider its many uses and applications. As a household item it is often used to close boxes packed with storage goods. It also comes very handy for the day that a move is in place - who can move house without boxes and boxes of books, kitchenware and other loose items? We at Fastflex stock a range of high quality Eurocel tapes for almost any use imaginable.

There are two fundamental “typologies” of tape, namely single and double sided tape. In the first case adhesive is only applied to the one side of the tape whereas double sided tape speaks for itself and has adhesive on both sides. The latter is used when an item is affixed onto another surface, for example when a year planner is fixed onto a wall. Four kinds of adhesive are typically used with tapes: solvent, or water-based acrylic, natural rubber and synthetic rubber adhesive.

The tape backing also varies and is not always a thin slice of paper. It can be film or polyethylene. Polyethylene is a conformable, stretchable backing that is resistant to humidity. There is also polypropylene that’s humidity resistant and elastic. Furthermore the backing can be made of gauze obtained from cotton, fibreglass or polyester, and lastly laminated or foam backing is also used.

Self-adhesive tape can certainly be applied to a multitude of materials, but you should however consider the surface before you decide on the kind of tape to use - certain adhesives work better on some surfaces than on others. Adhesive tape stored for longer than a year compromises its effectiveness, so use it or lose it. The ideal storage temperature is between 180 and 250; if stored under different conditions it might not be as effective.

Also remember not to use tape on surfaces previously contaminated by any anti-adhesives. Dust-free and dry surfaces are recommended for good working of the adhesive and in the case of uneven surfaces tape with a higher quantity adhesive should be used. The knowledgeable and friendly personnel at Fastflex are, however, always at hand to provide advice and guidance with regards to the choice and use of tape. Contact Fastflex today to place your order!

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