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Any individual who has tried his or her hand at using any type of abrasive in a number of power tools - either bonded or coated abrasives understand the importance of working with high quality products. Not only do products of superior quality deliver accurate results, they also last longer than others. This is certainly the case with Klingspor products.

Specialising in abrasives bonded and abrasives coated, Klingspor products are excellent for a number of applications. Diamond cutting blades manufactured by Klingspor are known to be very reliable and last a long time. The diamond cutting blades produced by them give greater resistance to accidental breakage as well as a smoother cutting experience.

The diamond cutting blades manufactured by Klingspor products also come in a variety of sizes and different cutting blades for various applications, ranging from cutting through tiles, wood and plastic materials. Diamond cutting blades can also be used on more heavy duty applications such as cutting into concrete and other materials used in construction.

Apart from supplying consumers with diamond cutting blades, Klingspor products also produce other abrasive materials such as sanding belts, discs, grinding discs and wheels. They also supply rolls of abrasives in various grit sizes for sanding a number of surfaces - ideal for larger workshops or bigger DIY projects at home.

Their tungsten carbide burrs are designed to fit into small spaces, yet have powerful machining capabilities and their grinding tools are reliable and leave you with less extra machining to do after using the product. Safety products such as goggles, gloves and masks also fall under the Klingspor product range - giving you added piece of mind when using their diamond cutting blades, cutting discs, abrasives or other products.

Not only to Klingspor products cater for a variety of users such as extreme professionals to regular DIY enthusiasts, one can rest assured that you are always getting value for money coupled with many years of industry experience.

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Safety products such as goggles, gloves and masks also fall under the Klingspor product range.

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