HSS Drill Bits

If you see a set of drill bits at your local hardware store with HSS on the packaging and have no idea what that means the information below will give you a better understanding and help you purchase the correct drill bits for your DIY project.

HSS stands for High Speed Steel and HSS drill bits are basically made from steel that have certain special qualities. HSS drill bits are generally a better quality than other tool sets made with other types of metal.

The steel used to make high speed steel or HSS drill bits are able to withstand the high temperatures associates with drilling without being worn down too quickly. That quality makes HSS drill bits a preferred choice amongst many DIY enthusiasts as they are able to drill into a variety of materials far quicker than other drill bits are able to. HSS drill bits are probably the most popular drill bits and are preferred above common or standard drill bits which are made from carbon steel.

Cobalt drill bits are similar to drill bits with HSS but tend to break easily because cobalt is quite brittle. Some drill bits made with HSS are coated with different types of metals to make them even stronger and more resilient to higher temperatures. This makes these coated HSS drill bits cut even faster than those that are uncoated. Titanium is used to coat the high speed steel drill bits to make the bits even harder and prevents the drill fragments from getting stuck onto the twists of the drill bit.

The only downfall of investing in a set of HSS drill bits that have been coated with titanium is that one cannot sharpen the drill bits without removing a large amount of the titanium coating. They are also a bit more expensive than uncoated HSS drill bits but will last much longer with the proper care.

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HSS drill bits are generally a better quality than other tool sets made with other types of metal.

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