Choosing the Right Hole Saw

Hole saws are handy tools as they are designed to fit onto a regular drill - making them very versatile for home use. The size of the hole you will be able to drill accurately will also depend on the size and strength of your drill. Larger electrically powered drills offer better results and more versatility in terms of the cut size than smaller hand held drills.

The trick is to turn your drill onto the lowest setting, disable the hammer action if your drill has one and to have a steady and patient hand. Drilling with a hole saw can be quite delicate and larger holes tend to take longer to cut. Apart from these tips, you will have to choose the right hole saw for the DIY job you are busy with. Fortunately these drilling products come in a wide variety of sizes and are made from different materials for this purpose.

Bi-metal hole saws are made from high carbon steel and can be used on a number of materials such as wood, plastic and a various metals. The teeth on these hole saws are made from high speed steel ensuring they do not overheat or wear excessively when in use.

Carbon steel hole saws are also made from carbon steel, however they do tend to wear down faster than bi metal hole saws. They are fairly inexpensive and are also commonly used to cut into wood and plastic materials.

High speed steel hole saws are generally used on steel and metal materials such as stainless steel and aluminium with ease because of their durability and the hardiness of the metal used to make the tool. They are able to cut faster and precisely with minimal effort. Hole saws with blades or teeth made from tungsten carbide are also used for cutting through various types of metals and do not eat up or wear down as much as bi metal hole saws tend to.

The hole saws mentioned above as well as others are often available in a handy set and carry case with different sizes for all your DIY needs.

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Drilling with a hole saw can be quite delicate and larger holes tend to take longer to cut.

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