Helpful Tips Regarding Electrical Tape

Extension and power cords are often damaged. Whether the cord gets stuck in a vacuum cleaner’s wheel or it frays slightly over time, proper use of electrical tape can save you the cost of purchasing a brand new cord altogether. This piece will focus on a few tips you can follow to get the most out of your electrical tape.

The first thing to note is that you should only be using electrical tape to repair minor cord or wire damage. It should not be used on frays or breaks that expose bare electrical wire. If the outer jacket of the cord has been damaged, but the inner insulation remains undamaged, then you can go ahead and use electrical tape to repair the damage. It should also be noted that you should never cover a cord repaired with electrical tape with clothes, a rug or anything else that may be flammable.

Another important thing to remember when using electrical tape, which is often overlooked, is to stretch the tape as you wrap. Electrical tape works best when it fits tightly around whatever it is being applied to. So whether you’re wrapping a cord or anything else, stretch the tape as you wrap. This will ensure that the tape properly adheres to the object you’ve wrapped and will provide more insulation protection than when applied sloppily.

If you find yourself using electrical tape to provide heat insulation for your water pipes in winter, you should never ever cover the tape with any kind of insulation. This is most important when using electrical heat tape as it can get hot enough to become a fire hazard if covered with flammable insulation.

Lastly, it should be noted that electrical tape has a shelf life of about five years. It is important that you know how long you’ve had your tape for. It’s easy to let a roll of electrical tape sit in your toolbox or garage for a number of years. Old electrical tape should be considered too dangerous to use as it can be a fire hazard. If you are unsure, rather go out and buy a new roll. Of-course, if used safely and correctly, electrical tape has many fantastic uses and benefits around the house and at work.

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The first thing to note is that you should only be using electrical tape to repair minor cord or wire damage.

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