Grinding Disc Types

Grinding discs are circular expendable wheels used in grinders for various cutting and grinding operations. These discs are composed of compressed coated or bonded abrasive materials. They may also be made from solid steel or aluminium with particles bonded to the surface. Grinding discs come in various sizes, compositions and profiles for different purposes.

Straight Wheels are the most common kind of grinding disc and they vary greatly in size or diameter, depending on the class of work and the grinder that is being used. Straight wheels are generally used for cylindrical and surface grinding operations on the periphery only, because they produce a slightly concave surface on the part. These are most commonly used in bench or pedestal grinders.

A Tapered Wheel is a flat-face straight wheel that tapers out towards the centre of the wheel and is much stronger than a straight wheel. This means that it is thicker at the hub than at the face and can be used as grinding thread or gear teeth.

Cylinder Wheels come in very large sizes and have long, wide surfaces without mounting support. Most of the grinding is done with the end face of the wheel, which produces flat surfaces. These discs are used in vertical and horizontal spindle grinders.

Disc Cups are shallow cup-style grinding discs used to grind in slots and crevices. Straight Cup Wheels are an alternative to normal cup wheels that have an additional radial grinding surface. These are primarily used in cutter grinding and jig grinding.

Diamond Wheels are grinding discs with industrial diamonds bonded to the periphery and are used for grinding extremely hard materials. Diamond Mandrels are the cup-wheel counterparts of diamond wheels for use in jig grinders doing profiling work in hard materials.

Saucer Wheels are special grinding profiles used to grind milling cutters and twist drills and maintaining saw blades.

Each grinding machine will be able to fit a set of grinding discs or wheels - the design of the machine will normally make it apparent which type of discs it can use. It is just a matter of selecting the right disc size and face, but more importantly, to select the correct type of grinder for the job.


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Grinding discs are circular expendable wheels used in grinders for various cutting and grinding operations.

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