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Flight Chemical Manufacturers started with a brilliant hand cleaner that Mervyn Niland formulated in his back yard in Benoni, South Africa. The quality of the product promoted itself and Flight Hand Cleaner became a household name.

To this day, Flight Chemical Manufacturers continue to produce cleaning products of the same superb standard.

Flight Hand Cleaner

Flight Hand Cleaner is a white gel that contains antiseptic agents and lanolin to protect and condition your hands, while it removes any stubborn substances. It will clean dirt, grease, grime, ink, tar, carbon, glue and paint from nearly any surface. A range of hand cleaner that contains gentle abrasive grit for efficient scrubbing is also available. It can be used with or without water and it has a pine fragrance.

Flight Spray Klean

Flight Spray Klean is a versatile water-based anti-bacterial, all-purpose cleaner that comes in a pumpspray bottle for easy use. It serves as an effective degreaser and pre-wash agent for cleaning stains from almost any surface from paving to windows to fabric. This product is not only suited for industrial use around the workshop, but is an ideal cleaning product for those tough jobs around home or the office.

Unlike other harsh chemicals, this flight product will clean anything and everything and it is non-toxic. Flight Spray Klean is also biodegradable and eco-friendly.

M7 Degreaser

M7 is a water-soluble degreaser that will remove all grease and grime from any greasy surface. It is ideal for cleaning greasy engines and engine parts, tools, workshops and workshop floors. All you need to do is apply M7 degreaser to the greasy surface, allow it to saturate and then hose it off to remove even the toughest grime. M7 degreaser is a tough cleaner with a neutral pH and it is free of caustics and acids, which means that it won’t damage or rust surfaces and it is gentle on your skin.

Flight cleaning products are a must-have for any workshop, because they are a safe and effective way of keeping your workshop, equipment, machinery, gear and workers clean of dirt, grime and grease.


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Flight Chemical Manufacturers continue to produce cleaning products with superb standars including hand cleaners, spray klean and degreasers.

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