Selecting an Electric Saw

Saws are used to cut through hard materials using a sharp edge such as a hard blade or a wire. Different types of saws with different types of blades exist and each is designed for a specific type of job and material. Power saws are one of the most efficient power tools in the industry and they are regularly used to complete jobs speedily, efficiently and easily.

Circular saws or Skill saws have very big spinning disc shaped blades that spin very fast for quick and accurate cutting. These are best suited for cutting sheet materials and timber with flat surfaces and are one of the most versatile saws in the industry.

Miter saws are a special kind of circular saw designed for making angular crosscuts and Miters in a material. The wider the blade of the Miter saw, the wider the area of the material it will be able to accommodate. If you"e;re intending on working with a variety of material sizes, it might be a good idea to get a Miter saw that can easily change blade width. Some Miter saws come with their own attachments, but others are able to attach to a table saw assembly. If you regularly need to change your work location, it is preferable that you get a saw with the most flexibility.

A standard Miter saw is perfect for small jobs and is only capable of pivoting left and right. A Compound Miter saw is capable of handling the most complex angled cuts in a single motion, since it can pivot up, down, left and right. A sliding miter saw is very similar to a compound miter saw, but the blade assembly is installed on a sliding track to allow it to cut wider materials.

Saber saws are compact and portable saws capable of making complex cuts and shapes. It is essentially a chain saw that can be used to make curved cuts in a variety of materials, which is why it is also known as a powered jig saw. Jigsaws are perfect for cutting curved lines smoothly and quickly.

Scroll saws can accurately cut along curves and are small enough for any workspace. Table saws are larger and mostly only used by professionals. Table saws are mounted on top of a table as the name suggests, but any level working surface should be sufficient. These are ideal for high quality size cutting of wood, plastic and metal.

Most of the saws above have variations in size and mechanics for even more specialised cutting, but these basics should give a good enough idea of which type of saw you will need for the basic jobs.


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Different types of saws with different types of blades exist and each is designed for a specific type of job and material.

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