Drill Bits

Drill bits are one of the most important equipments and tools of any workshop that can be used for making cylindrical holes. These are often referred as drilling machines. Drilling is a process by which holes of certain diameter can be made in the desired surface with the help of a particular bit. These bits are available in several types depending upon the material they must be selected and are classified as metal, gun, diamond, masonry, cobalt, glass and titanium drills.

These drills work on the principle which cut the material by making a rotating motion of the bit. Most of the drilling bits are provided with coolants so that there should not be any wear or tear due to excess heat that is produced during the operations. These coolants are directed with the help of channel or holes and are fed near the cutting edges. They are provided with the split type drill. These split heads of the drill are used for clearing the chips for perfect cleaning and accurately centring.

These bits are meant to drill holes in various materials such as the copper, titanium, stainless steel, bronze and various hardened materials.

The market offers some of the best and the most popular Drill bits such as:

  • Diamond bits: this is a specialized type of drill bit which is used for making holes in hard surfaces such as concrete and stones. This is named after the diamond which is considered as one of the toughest materials in the world. This is mainly associated with several advantages over many other bits.

    These are meant to handle or to bore the toughest materials without a problem. These produce very clean holes which are almost impossible to create by making use of orthodox types of tools. The core bit efficiency is a thing that differentiates the diamond drills from others.

  • Masonry Bits - these are hand held, portable power tools that plays a very significant role in installing, wiring and plumbing operations in under construction or existing building. The bits employed are made up of soft steel as compare to other bits. The tips of the bits are joined with tungsten carbide for excellent cutting edges. The flutes present on the Drill bits are meant to carry away the dust from the surface of the material. These tend to shatter as the hammering action is increased.

    If you want to create a hole into the harder surface, it is always better to have slow rotational speed which does not allow the overheating of the tip.

  • Carbide bit - these are the multi-functional bits made up of high quality tungsten carbide. They are capable of creating holes in various types of surfaces irrespective of the materials. If these are compared with several others, they withstand the edge for quite a longer time offering longer working hours.

    They are used for smaller pieces that are screwed or brazed, as they are a bit costly and brittle. They also offer high speeds and clean and clear drilled holes in any of the material. This is the fastest means of removing material and dust with more precision.


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Drill bits are one of the most important equipments and tools of any workshop that can be used for making cylindrical holes.

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