Diamond cutting discs for tough materials

When it comes to diamond cutting discs a few factors must be considered, such as hardness, overall durability, and minimum force exertion to name a few. For cutting tools designed for the toughest of materials, diamond cutting discs reign supreme. This stands to reason seeing that these discs are composed, in part, of diamonds, which of course are the hardest natural material discovered by man.

While many mining companies extract minerals for different uses, ranging from industrial to jewellery, contrary to popular belief, diamond is actually used extensively for industrial applications. Its natural composition and tough nature make it the most preferred mineral for cutting of metal or other extremely hard materials. A key factor to remember when buying cutting discs in general is to ensure the fidelity of the product and underlying workmanship - this can only be assured by dealing with a respected supplier that’s backed by a proven track record.

Diamond cutting discs are literally a cut above the rest. To clarify, however, it is not a solid disc comprised of 100% diamond, but rather it consists of small diamond fragments that are mixed and bonded with metal fragments and are ultimately compressed into discs. They do now wear out easily and they last much longer. As the disc wears away, new fragments of diamond are exposed, allowing the disc to maintain its cutting strength. Other abrasive materials may require exertion of much force when cutting and grinding metals, however diamond cutting discs require minimal force to achieve the same and better results.

Diamond cutting discs come in varying thickness and grit, depending on the specific job on hand. What is more, the cutting discs can be used wet or dry, depending on the task. Wet cutting for instance is most suited for cutting hard and thick materials such as concrete, as water helps cool the diamond disc during the cutting process.

When it comes to buying diamond cutting discs, one is better off with products from a trusted brand and an established supplier. When it comes to cutting tools designed for tough material, quality is of the essence and with diamond cutting discs, one is assured of the best value for money. For more information contact Fastflex directly, or visit us online to view the complete product catalogue.

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