Bonded Abrasives - A quick overview

Abrasives form an integral part of many manufacturing processes. They are most commonly used to help shape or finish off a piece of work by wearing away sections that are not needed in the finished product. In this piece we will take a closer look at bonded abrasives and some of the applications they are commonly used in.

What is a bonded abrasive?

A bonded abrasive is made up of an abrasive material such as aluminium oxide that is housed within a matrix. The matrix is often referred to as binder, and can be made up of clay, rubber or resin. This mix of abrasive and binder will then be shaped according to the application it will be used in. For example, if the abrasive is going to be used with a grinding wheel, it will be shaped in order to fit the piece of machinery it will have to work with.

Applications that commonly use bonded abrasives

Bonded abrasives are generally used in a specific scope of applications. These include grinding wheels, diamond wheels, polishing stones as well as polishing wheels. All of the abovementioned applications are used to wear down and remove nonessential parts of a specific work piece that a coated abrasive or any other type of abrasive would not be able to.

Caring for your bonded abrasives

Bonded abrasives tend to take quite a beating, especially when you consider the type of tasks they are required to perform. Proper care is essential if you want to maximise the longevity of your tool and industrial consumables. Bonded abrasives need to be dressed and tried once they"e;ve been used. Dressing is cleaning away loose particles from the surface of your abrasive. Dressing, depending on how your abrasive has been used, involves either placing it under running water and brushing it with a stiff brush or running it against another abrasive.

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