Drilling Safety Tips

Whether you are planning a large DIY project at home that involves drilling into various components, or if you simply want to drill a hole into a wall to hang a painting or photo, there are a few drilling safety tips one should follow to achieve the best results.

Before drilling a hole into a wall one must always ensure that you are aware of where the live electrical cables lie. The same goes for water pipes that are in the wall. There are many tools one can acquire at your local DIY store that indicate where these elements are located in your wall. It is imperative to establish where they are before drilling; otherwise one can risk electrocution as well as a big mess if you drill into a water pipe.

Wear proper protective clothing whilst drilling. Protective eyewear like goggles will prevent any small bits of dust or debris from the drilling process from entering your eyes. A dust mask will protect your lungs from the dust created while drilling. Make sure that you wear the correct clothing while you are drilling and that your hair, jewellery, sleeves and other clothing items cannot be caught up in the drill while drilling which may cause severe injury.

Always check that you are using the right drill bit for the material you will be drilling into. If you are unsure, rather seek expert advice on which type of drill bit to use on the surface you want to drill into. Be sure not to force the drill while drilling as this may cause the drill bit to snap off. This could also damage your drill. Drill bits can become very hot after drilling; therefore allow them to cool properly before removing them from your drill.

Keep the floor area where you are drilling free from tools and cords that you could trip over. Lastly, always ensure that you are fit to operate a power tool. If you are unsure, rather call on a professional that has the skills and equipment to do your drilling for you.

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Always check that you are using the right drill bit for the material you will be drilling into

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