Choosing an Angle Grinder

With so many different products and brand names on the market, choosing an angle grinder can be a tedious task. Before you simply purchase an angle grinder because of its low price or extra features, you should first consider what you will mainly be using your angle grinder for. Angle grinders can be electrically powered, powered with petrol or with compressed air. The size of the cutting or abrasive discs you need for your angle grinder will also depend on the size of your angle grinder.

Although angle grinders are a very useful and versatile tool, they can be very dangerous. If you have never used an angle grinder before, rather get used to how it works by doing some small grinding or cutting jobs with your angle grinder before tackling larger ones. Always ensure you use the correct safety equipment when using your angle grinder. Safety goggles and gloves are a must, and if the objects you are sanding or cutting with your angle grinder create a lot of dust, make sure you work in a well ventilated area and use a dust mask. A face shield may be necessary to protect your face from flying particles or sparks.

If you plan to do large scale DIY projects around the house like cutting through stone or metal, rather get a larger angle grinder that has a stronger motor. Make sure that you also purchase the correct blade for your angle grinder so that it is strong enough to cut through hard materials. A strong diamond tipped blade will get the job done.

Angle grinders can also be used to sand and polish various materials. If the DIY project you have at hand simply entails a bit of light sanding or polishing a metal surface, rather choose an angle grinder with a small to medium motor for the best results.


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The size of the cutting or abrasive discs you need for your angle grinder will depend on the size of your angle grinder.

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