Hex Keys - an Indispensible Arndt Product

No toolbox should be without a set of essential Arndt products, namely hex keys. These tools may also be called Allen keys or even a socket key and are certainly an indispensible tooling product because of their versatility as opposed to a regular screwdriver and socket set.

A hex key is a type of a wrench in an "L" shape which has the same thickness throughout the tool. These Arndt products have a flat end on either side, unlike a regular screwdriver that either has a flat point or a star shape on one end, and a handle on the other. Hex keys have no handle on one end, which is actually what makes these Arndt products unique. Some hex keys have a ball at one end of the tool to allow flexibility in terms of hard to reach angles when using the tool.

These Arndt products have six facets or sides on the entire length of the tool, hence the name hex key, which is taken from the shape - the hexagon. This gives these tools more surfaces to make contact with the screws when loosening or tightening them. They are also relatively inexpensive to purchase and come in a wide assortment of sizes ranging from extremely small - less than a millimetre in size - up to about ten millimetres in diameter.

Hex keys are used to fasten screws that have a socket head or a recessed screw head unlike other screws that have a protruding head. These types are screws are commonly used in many everyday objects such as furniture items, appliances, bicycles and even outdoor furniture sets that require home assembly. The hex keys used to assemble these items are usually supplied with the purchased product.

For added convenience these Arndt products are sold in a set which contain a number of standard sized hex keys for everyday use.

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No toolbox should be without a set of essential Arndt products, namely hex keys.

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