Spray guns with gravity feeds:

Spray guns with gravity feed with the cup on the top of the spray gun, whereas conventional spray guns might have their cup on the bottom.

The conventional spray gun (sometimes known as the siphon spray gun) are used more widely in the auto spray painting industry, working well with metallic paint, they are reliable, as well as being an older style of spray gun. These spray guns are good for thinner coatings, or more specialised.

The gravity feed spray gun became more popular in the 1980’s when painters started preferring them over the conventional style spray gun, with less wastage and better quality finishes than the conventional spray gun. Spray painting gives an easy way to paint certain surfaces, with thick or thin paints.


How spray guns work:

Spray guns cause atomisation of the paint at the tip of the nozzle when it leaves the gun. The 2 passageways cater for air in one and fluid paint in the other.

A vacuum in formed when air moves past the paint passage while drawing paint fluid into the air stream. The spray consists of air mixed with fluid which ejects as a spray mist from the nozzle.

The atomisation process requires paint to be drawn fro the cup either below or above the nozzle. With the conventional spray gun, the air pressure needs to be higher to pull the paint up through the feeding tube, making this more difficult to achieve adequate vacuum. Spray painting gives a uniform finish, saving time and useful for indoors or outdoors use. With spray painting, there is an increased risk of air pollution and safety to the painter, making the gravity feed spray gun a better option perhaps.

The gravity feed spray gun uses gravity in improve the low pressure and create the vacuum needed.


Gravity feed spray guns:

  • More versatile than conventional spray guns
  • Need less air pressure to atomise the paints
  • Are easier to clean than brushes and rollers
  • Less paint wastage
  • Better paint finish
  • More efficient than paint brush or roller
  • Have less over-spray than conventional spray guns


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