Klingspor abrasive mops


Klingspor abrasive mops are needed in the surface finishes of work, using the grinding to soften rough edges. Developed by Klingspor, abrasive mops ar found to be a practical and economical tool in any workshop.

The abrasive mops has been designed to adapt to rounded edges, and with the mechanical movement, it is a safer and far more efficient way to achieve finished edges. Finishes with the abrasive mop is smoother than with abrasive belts with the same grit.

The abrasive mop comprises a a wheel with grinding flaps which are coated with aluminium oxide. The flaps are firmly anchored and adapt to the contours of the surface.

Safety when using the Klingspor abrasive mop:

Safety PPE/PPC is essential to prevent serious harm or injury, prevention is better than cure. 

  • Safety goggles
  • Safety gloves
  • Dust masks
  • Ear muffs
  • Not for use for wet grinding
  • Ensure settings are correctly

Grinding results are influenced by:

  • Grit size of the abrasive materials
  • Grinding pressures
  • Cutting rate
  • Grinding aids


Selecting the correct mop diameter:

The diameter of the mopis based on the RPM settings. The pre-set RPM should not exceed the maximum abrasive mop setting. Optimum performance range is a cutting rate between 38-42 m/s

Maximum RPM for the abrasive mop:

The SM 611 abrasive mop wheels are certified for a maximum rpm of 50m/s, and width of less than 100mm

Mounting an abrasive mop:

Correct mounting ensures that the abrasive mop runs smoothly. Abrasive mop wheels are mounted on the machine spindle with mounting plates. For mounting and adjustment of borehole sizes, please contact us.