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Welcome to Fastflex, the home of Fastflex cutting, grinding, drill bits and sanding products and power tools.

We specialise in cutting discs, mounted points, flap discs, sanding discs and drill bits. We offer good service, quality products and competitive prices in South Africa.

Established in July 1983 to import and distribute quality-bonded abrasives from the mother company. Bergin, Germany in the Bammenthal near Heidelberg in Germany. It is this highly competitive abrasive industry a niche was found in the market through prompting a quality product made from a first grade material, free from reconstructed grit.

A quality Service by means of personal attention and a hands on approach to details and problems. A near perfect product available through stringent stock control measures. A customer friendly attitude to queries and request for advice.

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Fastflex drill bits, carbon brushes, flight products, cutting, grinding and sanding discs. Bonded and Coated Abrasive products from Klingspor, Talbro and Eurocel.

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